TCU Worth Hills Dining

TCU’s newly constructed Dining Hall was an essential addition to accompany the numerous new student life buildings on the TCU campus. This building connects the Worth Student residence hall by a breezeway.

DMG faced many challenges related to the extremely tight site conditions. The entire construction zone measures just less than twenty feet between the Worth Hills dorms at the south elevation. This resulted in limited access for scaffolds as well as material storage and extraction. South Elevations are situated 16’ from the street, with constant traffic.

The East elevation was blocked by the finished landscape of the Worth Hills dorms, leaving the west elevation for lay down by all trades. The rough and elevated terrain made the mobilization and utilization of scaffolding difficult.

Another notable challenge was trying to align and match the cast stone in the existing portion of the breezeway.  The brick basket-weave panels and rowlock patterns accent the overall campus theme.