SMU Residential & Dining Commons

The SMU $146 million Residential Commons complex on the southeast corner of campus is the largest capital project in SMU’s history. The new complex is made up of five residence halls, a two-story dining hall and an 800-space parking center all designed to help blend academic and social life on campus. The new housing addition will provide campus living for an additional 1,250 SMU students, enabling nearly 2,750 students to live on campus. The project modeled after that of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in England and match the campus’s Collegiate Georgian architecture.

The project was a joint venture between TST Construction Services, LLC and DMG Masonry, Ltd (TST/DMG) and employed close to 140 bricklayers and laborers. This collaborative effort helped to off-set some of the challenges from the fast passed schedule. Over 33,000 units of CMU were used to construct the complex, most of which were used in the Mustang Parking Center. 1,175,000 units of brick make up the overall veneer and 24,850 units of cast stone were used in the façade. DMG installed all the GFRC coping and dormers.

TST/DMG provided the shop drawings, engineering and anchorage design for all cast stone and supplied and installed the reinforcing steel for the CMU as well as the miscellaneous steel for the specialized stone anchorage.

All dimensions of the project were carefully planned and executed beginning as soon as the job was awarded. A great amount of detail was used in the alignment of the GFRC with the dimensions of cast stone. Taking into account the enormity of the project, every stone, brick was calculated, drawn and erected to be in a specific place. All of this was accomplished while maintaining an extremely aggressive schedule that required TST/DMG to work six days a week for the duration of the job.