TCU Colby Hall

TCU Colby Hall

TCU’s newly renovated Colby Hall, adds to the rich historical architecture and is also one of the oldest standing traditions for TCU’s housing and resident’s life. It took close to 14 months of construction to complete the 347 resident’s dorms, much of which took place while school was in session.

The housing addition was first opened in 1957 and the original dedication cornerstone was discovered during the demolition of the entrance below grade. Upon discovery, the historical keystone was relocated to a more visible location.

As a way to blend the old historical elements of the residential building with the new reconstructed sections, close to 5,500 brick were reclaimed in the demolition and reused throughout the housing addition. Because of this, DMG had to take extra care in the cleaning and setting of each brick and limestone. We were even forced to wash all the repurposed brick, as well as the remaining sections, multiple times. The photo submitted titled, “TCU Colby before Reconstruct,” helps to illustrate the dilapidated state that the existing structure was in.

Keeping with the overall goal of the project, to use as much of the original materials as possible, DMG had to remove the original chimney cap and rebuild its foundation elements. It was critical to make sure the material wasn’t damaged.

As a final effort to blend the existing elements with the reconstructed ones, the landscaping around the residence hall was fitted with planters and site stone works that encircled the building.