TCU Walsh Performing Arts Center

TCU Walsh Performing Arts Center

The 56,000 square-foot Mary D. and F. Howard Walsh Center for Performing Arts houses a piano wing that includes teaching studios, practice rooms, an electronic piano laboratory and the 233-seat Hays Theater.

TCU also wanted to incorporate a notable timepiece into the reconstruction. The timepiece was a sundial crafted by clockmaker and designer William Andrews, and was a particularly challenging element of the project.

The layout of the sundial was very complex and required much attention. Another notable element of the project was the strand of music notes that ran the length of the building.

The notes were meant to play the school song but a student pointed out that there were notes out of place. After discovering the error, the cast stone was removed and replaced in order to correct the melody line.

The alignment of the cast stone with the concrete gable beams and columns was also a challenging area of the project, as many onsite corrections and adjustments had to be made.